Graduation questions

Even after you graduate, your coverage still ends August 31. You paid for twelve months of coverage, and we don’t kick you off for graduating.

Unfortunately, only active students are eligible for NUSHP. Graduated students cannot enroll. Your coverage will end August 31.

The student health plan does not include COBRA. Please review the explanation below, taken from page 57 of the NUSHP Plan Document.  

Services and Supplies Furnished After Termination Date  

No benefits are provided for services and supplies that are furnished after your termination date in this health plan. There is one exception. This health plan will continue to provide coverage for inpatient covered services, but only if you are receiving covered inpatient care on your termination date. In this case, coverage will continue to be provided until all the benefits allowed by your health plan have been used up or the date of discharge, whichever comes first. But, this does not apply if your coverage in this health plan is canceled for committing fraud or making an intentional misrepresentation of a material fact. 

I’m graduating in December/leaving Northeastern after the fall semester. Can I terminate my coverage early?

Students who graduate in December or leave Northeastern after the first semester must pay in full. However, they can complete the Midyear Adjustment Form if they would like to cancel NUSHP after graduation effective December 31.

As of the 2023-2024 academic year, students have until January 31 to complete the form, found here. You will need to complete the form titled “Termination of Coverage.”

December graduates and other students who leave after the first semester who do not complete this form will remain on the health plan until the end of the coverage year, which is August 31.

Approved Midyear Adjustment requests will be completed up to 2 weeks after the request has been received. Refunds will be processed by the end of February.