For Parents


Students are sent email reminders to their Northeastern email address to complete the waiver if they already have health insurance. We do not send out reminders to parents—please make sure to be diligent about checking your bills! When you see that “Health Plan Fee” charge, that is your indication that the waiver portal is open and must be completed unless the student plans to remain on NUSHP. If you are worried about missing the waiver deadline, we suggest that parents and students set a yearly reminder to complete the waiver in August- any day in August should work.

Students may submit their waiver request through this link. Only students have access to the waiver portal. If you try to login with your parent login credentials, you will see an error message.

Please note that the student will receive confirmation emails when the waiver is successfully submitted, approved, pending information, or denied. If they do not receive confirmation, then they have not yet completed the waiver.

If they have difficulty submitting the waiver, please try another browser and submit the request without attachments. Gallagher Student Health will let you know if they need additional information. Please know you will need to fill out this waiver every academic year that you are billed for the Health Plan Fee.

Comparable coverage

We cannot tell you in advance if your insurance meets the requirements. The best way to find out prior to completing the waiver is to ask your insurance if you have Affordable Care Act compliant coverage, underwritten in the United States, in the area of your campus without limitations. The Massachusetts law can be reviewed here.

Study abroad and co-op coverage

Undergraduate students on co-op or studying abroad and CPS students on co-op are considered active students and will be enrolled in and billed for NUSHP each year. Graduate students are eligible when on co-op, but must submit a Petition to Add form (PDF).

Two insurances

NUSHP is always considered a secondary plan for any students that have another insurance plan. Please see page 67 of the benefits description for more detail. Students who have another plan must show both insurance cards at medical appointments. If you are having difficulty getting claims paid by your primary insurance, please share the benefits description with them.

Pre-matriculation programs

Participants in, GlobalConnexions, or Global Scholars, or other pre-matriculation programs are not eligible for NUSHP until they are fully matriculated students on the Northeastern campus.