Waiver Deadlines

Eligible students may waive NUSHP via myNortheastern once the charge for NUSHP (the Health Plan Fee) appears on their bill. Print a copy of the confirmation page and deduct the Health Plan Fee, and if applicable, the UHCS Fee, from your balance due.  The waiver link is located under the student’s portal of myNortheastern.

Northeastern University reserves the right to verify that the student’s insurance meets the criteria indicated. Disciplinary action may be taken if a student knowingly waives NUSHP without comparable domestic coverage.

Waiver Deadlines Fall Winter Spring Summer & Summer 1
Undergraduate Day & Graduate 10/15/2021 1/31/2022 5/14/2022
CPS Undergraduate 10/15/2021 1/31/2022 5/14/2022
CPS Graduate 10/15/2021 1/31/2022 4/09/2022 7/09/2022
Law Semester 10/15/2021 1/31/2022 5/14/2022