*Graduate, CPS, and PTE students enrolled in NUSHP will also be charged the Health Center fee and be eligible for services at University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS). See table below. Once enrolled in NUSHP, the UHCS fee is mandatory with your enrollment in NUSHP and cannot be waived. If a student waives NUSHP, the Health Center fee will also be waived, and the student will not have access to services at UHCS. However, students who waive NUSHP can request (or have an option of requesting) to be billed the Health Center fee to allow access to UHCS services by completing the UHCS Access Request Form located on the Forms Page. Visit the UHCS web site for additional information on services provided at the center.

Fall Semester Spring Semester Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Semester Summer Quarter
Graduate $225 $135 $74
CPS $225 $169 $113 $56