Open Enrollment

As your family looks towards the end of the Fall semester and the start of a new year, we wanted to let you know about an opportunity for you to consider Northeastern University’s Student Health Plan (NUSHP). NUSHP is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and provides extremely comprehensive health benefits at a very affordable rate. In fact, our students often tell us this plan is better than most others available through the family’s employers. NUSHP is accepted by all Blue Cross Blue Shield participating providers throughout the United States.

Northeastern is offering all eligible students the opportunity to reconsider NUSHP and enroll for the remainder of the academic year, at a prorated cost. The prorated cost of the plan for an individual is $1531.00 and will provide coverage effective January 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022. You may also email NUSHP at with any questions you may have about coverage, enrollment or eligibility. Please visit our Forms page to download the enrollment form.

In times of uncertainty, it is our hope that Northeastern University and NUSHP can offer your family a peace of mind and stability in the coming year.